Historical Wildcats

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

This is my first NCETC but I am already beginning to see that I am going to be learning lots of interesting things to share with my students. For one, I'm learning how to navigate and Apple machine...something I haven't done in about 10 years.
I look forward to learning how to teach my 5th grade students how to successfully use blogs to help each other through projects and edcational units as well as to use as a means of communication outside of school. My school received a NC1-2-1 grant this year for $300,000 and purchased new laptops for all of our 5th grade students, so the technology is now in place for them to be moving forward and learning things we never dreamed of our kids learning - at least at our school.
Tomorrow, I hope to learn about MovieMaker as another means of my studnts sharing new information they are learning in class. This is a program I have never used, and didn't even know I had until this morning.